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DeWitt was recently appointed to the Dr. Tommy Commeaux Endowed Chair in the School of Music at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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“Mark DeWitt has written a lovingly detailed and sensitive study of an unusual and vibrant music scene that should be of interest to all students of music in America.”

—Timothy D. Taylor, University of California, Los Angeles


"DeWitt skillfully weaves history, biography, and ethnography into this outstanding and well-documented ethnomusicological case study that explores the Cajun and Zydeco music and dance scene in northern California in terms of social networks and social capital, migration, identity formation and folk revivalism."

—Jeff Todd Titon, Brown University


"DeWitt does a marvelous job in portraying the diversity of people who have adopted Cajun and Creole dance music, with its energetic accordions, fiddles, rubboards and shouted vocals, as a surefire way to cope with a globalized, media-swollen world."

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